Why train with us

Why Provocateur De Aptitude?

• Non-judgemental As long as you’re willing to work together to achieve your personal best, you’re our kind of people.

• 24/7 service We can work around your schedule. You can access your programme on-line 24/7 and we can even train you in your own home from 10pm-7am to fit your lifestyle.

• Results focused We’ll set realistic goals and help you smash them every time. You’re paying for results – and with us, you’ll get them.

• Individual support & guidance We’ll get to know you, your dreams and aspirations. We’re interested in your fitness and wellbeing. And when the going gets tough, we’ll support you and help you stay on track.

• On-line training You can access your personal training programme on-line and keep in touch with your personal trainer via our mobilefriendly platform app 24/7.

• We care about the community Fitness is for everyone. We’re dedicated to sharing our knowledge and inspiring members of the community who lack the confidence or information on how to get started.

• We’re flexible and fun We can train you in the gym, at home, or on-line – we can even travel with you. And you won’t lose motivation with us. Our training programmes are constantly changing and evolving, like you.