Muscle Gaining

Not getting the results you want from your gym sessions? If your goal is to increase muscle mass, add definition and decrease body fat percentage, this programme will help you achieve optimum results. Weekly exercise programmes, nutrition plan and supplements guide and of course, guidance and motivation from us to achieve your powerful best.

Support & Guidance. Whichever programme you choose, we’re here for you 24/7 – to support, inspire and motivate you to safely achieve your personal best. We won’t give up on your dreams, and neither will you. Want to train on-line with us? That’s great! But first we want to make sure we have all the information we need to ensure your safety and wellbeing. Please fill out an enquiry form below and a medical questionnaire will be sent out to you asap.

Weight training. We offer comprehensive advice on technique, reps, resting periods and lifting temp. The programme is monitored and periodically updated, ensuring safe but progressive training that gives you visible results.

Cardiovascular. Are you ready for this? Tough circuits, combined with HIIT and LIIS, for a cardio workout that will burn fat and push you to the next fitness level.

Time buster. For busy people, this programme is popular with working parents, shift-workers. It’s a personalised flexible diet and exercise programme, designed and structured to fit round your work or personal commitments. Workouts are typically 45 minutes, ideal for time-poor people who want to get fast results.

Nutrition. This is a structured diet programme with flexible options to fit round your lifestyle, which includes macronutrient breakdowns in line with your weight, body type and training schedule. It’s also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.