About Andy Goodacre

Andy Goodacre is a certified personal trainer and qualified massage therapist, delivering a flexible, multi-platform fitness and nutrition programme to a diverse fitness community in Milton Keynes, London and Surrey.

So that’s enough about me in the third person. I’m Andy, and I want to tell you a little about me and why I want to work with you to achieve your fitness goals.

My love of fitness started at a young age, and I left school with high hopes of becoming a professional athlete. Together with my training partner, I sacrificed everything to train every day in pursuit of my dream. And when it came to final selection? My partner beat me hands down. A tough lesson, but I picked myself up and moved on.

So I threw everything into chasing a career in football. Once again, the hand of fate intervened and after only 3 months I sustained an injury and found myself on the side lines. I wanted desperately to be a sporting success, but my life-long belief that hard work and dedication would pay off was waning. My dreams were shattered and for a while, I felt lost.

To aid my recovery, I started training at my local gym. I was going through the motions, building back my fitness and strength so I could decide what to do next.

But when a friend started training with me, I found myself in a mentoring role. Having come out of a destructive relationship, she was at rock-bottom, suffering from very low-confidence. As our training partnership developed, something wonderful happened. I realised I was getting a real kick out of helping her achieve her goals and regain her self-esteem. She was back on the road to recovery, and so was I.

It felt good to help someone achieve their best, and see the results. The penny dropped – I was really good at this and I wanted to help more people.

So my early ‘failures’ were really opportunities to grow. Some 15 years later, I am now a certified personal trainer and qualified massage therapist, helping others to overcome barriers and fulfil their fitness ambitions.